Prelude to the loony show.

Okay, who among us is not expecting a complete clown show next Monday at the Republican National Convention? It has come down to this. Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Is there somebody else who could have been a more hideous choice than Mike Pence? Yes, sure, there is always somebody else who could be found in the sewer somewhere. In the alt-right world [...]

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Finding my underground cartoonist roots

Long before I became a political cartoonist, I was an underground cartoonist. I mostly worked in the late 80s and early 90s as a second wave underground cartoonist for [...]

Cruz or Trump

Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. That's the tale of two terrible choices. That's like picking whether you want to be bitten to death by a cobra or a tiger snake. Like being [...]

Why Evangelicals are voting for Trump, Bernie and Hillary

Armageddon was, at one time, fun to talk about----for apocalyptic evangelicals----when it was somebody else's annihilation that was at stake, but when, in 2016, they're the [...]

Donald Trump, you don’t need a wall

There are two ways foreign workers get work in the US. One of them is the H1-A visa. This is for agricultural workers. This is primarily what Mexican and South American [...]

Ted Cruz flies high in Iowa….but….

There is something going on with his wife. She seriously had the look of loathing on her face. During parts of his Iowa victory speech on February 1st, she clapped when she [...]

Just got back from publishing my book

I had taken a break from blogging to publish my book The Political Freak Show. In the interim I didn't miss much. Donald Trump is still the front runner. He is still a loud [...]